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Hot Day Reminiscing

Love and MarriageAlexandra kingComment

August 17th will be our first wedding anniversary. How time flies, and what a lot we've got done in that time (moving house, opening a business). Anyway, the weatherman says it's going to be the hottest day of the summer so far, and this hazy bathtub air takes me back to this time last year, walking to the bus stop in the early mornings from our then home on Chrystie Street in Chinatown. On my route I'd pass the cilantro-scented fruit and veg stall on the corner with yawning canaries in cages, wave to the Daily News delivery guys, hands stained and sentenced with the morning's print and watch the fish unloaded and thrown, furious fins akimbo, onto trays of ice. Though living in Chinatown eventually did drive me legitimately insane (our favela of an apartment, not the neighborhood) I so loved living there at that time, day dreaming about the wedding and marriage and what that meant, and also stressing, a LOT, about the things that make you laugh only days afterwards- just how big do the table cloths need to be? Can I DIY my own wreaths? Will everyone like pie? (duh) etc and so forth.

Anyway, I used to listen to the song above, Honey Hi by Fleetwood Mac (those three-part harmonies, be still my heart) on loop during those walks. I actually thought about walking down the aisle to it (though I went for this instead). Listening to it just now took me back- those hot and sleepy mornings, when life felt so new and unknown and wonderful, and it seemed like that sun shone just for me.


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