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A Meaningful Homemade Wedding Card

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homemade wedding cards TSWIL

Wedding cards can be tough. They all seem to be the same, saccharine levels of sweet, lots of gold embossing and cheesy cursive, seemingly destined to sit, forlorn, on the "gift table" unopened and covered in cake crumbs. At a good friend's recent wedding I wanted to do something a little different. I knew she and her fiancee were getting married in a flower field upstate, so I figured I would gather some blooms and leaves from the meadow where they had their ceremony, and press them for the card. Individual, beautiful and meaningful! 

card 1.jpg

Making it was a piece of cake- at the wedding I simply picked a few flowers and leaves from the beautiful meadow where my friends were wed, stuck them in an envelope in my handbag, popped them between the pages of my book back at the hotel, and then took them on the train back to Brooklyn, where I pressed them into further submission under the ever-dependable nemesis that is The Oxford Book of English Verse.

homemade wedding cards TSWIL

6 weeks later, et voila! I used a good quality blank card stock (purchased from here) and a smidgen of glue stick. That's it. 

The only drawback is that waiting for those flowers to totally dry out means you can't send your card right away, but I think as long as you send a message in the days after, and finish off with this show stopper, all will be forgiven etiquette-wise.

wedding card tswil

There you have it! Do you have any unique home-made card ideas or tips? I'd love to hear.