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#TBT To A Vermont Road Trip

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It's been a GLORIOUS day in New York City. 21 degrees, Spring like, birds chirping up a storm. As I opened my front door and felt the balmy air kiss my forehead this morning, promising Spring and Summer and warmth, I found myself reminiscing about our trip to Vermont last year. So, in honour of throw back Thursday, I thought I'd re-post the super nerdy video I made of our trip.

To those curious about our Vermont get-away, after first stopping at our wonderful friend's wedding at this beautiful place, we drove to the historic town of Woodstock. Our hotel was The Kedron Valley Inn, which I cannot recommend enough-comfy beds, an idyllic location and an on-site swimming pond (which you can see me making good use of in the video!). We also loved visiting Billings Farm for old-time wagon rides and some serious interiors inspo (black bottomed bathtubs- be still my heart). And we loved learning about maple syrup (and taste testing, natch) at Sugarbush Farm, which also has one of the best farm shops I've ever been to (we are now hopelessly addicted to these pickles, and have to bulk order them online). Other highlights include amazing interiors heaven Farmhouse Pottery, divine vintage shop Who Is Sylvia (I couldn't resist this) and rad downtown grocery store Woodstock Farmers Market. Guys, I fell so heavily in love with Vermont on this trip. It has, without doubt, the most beautiful countryside I've ever seen in the US, the people are amazing and the food is fresh, local and delicious without even needing to be advertised as so (just as an example, one night at The Kedron we were served raspberries for dessert that the waitress had picked from her garden that morning). In short, Vermont= the ideal mini break for a couple of strung-out New Yorkers looking to stretch out their limbs, sip on local IPA's and pet a seemingly never ending supply of adorable baby farm animals.

Wait, can I go back now?

5 Perfect Pairs Of Everyday Earrings

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Rocking my favourite minimal hoops at my friend's beautiful wedding last summer (the daisies were a last minute addition, gratefully plucked from Vermont flower fields)

Rocking my favourite minimal hoops at my friend's beautiful wedding last summer (the daisies were a last minute addition, gratefully plucked from Vermont flower fields)

Isn't Etsy the best? A plethora of small labels and designers, unique products and cut out the middle man prices, and oh so dangerously fun to browse absentmindedly in front of Real Housewives (I know I know. I plead the fifith. And this Onion article). Anyway, I've found a bunch of amazing makers over the years, but for some reason I've had particularly good luck with shopping for earrings on Etsy, where there's such a wealth of choice and some seriously rad shops, all catering to the delicate and minimal vibe I gravitate towards (FYI I live in these guys, which I'm wearing in the photo above). I've always been pretty pared-down when it comes to jewelry (I didn't wear a single piece of jewelry when I got married, for instance). I'm also a weirdo who has a thing about necklaces where I feel like they're choking me, so I very rarely wear one. It's not for lack of trying- I love jewelry on other people, but every time I try and channel some Iris Apfel and accessorize a bit more, because I really want to, I do, I just feel too done somehow, and end up taking everything off before I leave the house. I guess I just straight up find bare skin to be prettier than even the most precious of metals. Having said that, simple, beautiful and wearable earrings, I can get behind. Totally habit forming. Below, just for you, five beautiful sets of earrings that even this jewelry-phobe is crushing on, and that go with absolutely everything.

1) Samurai Ear Climber, $72

ear climber samurai
wire line earrings
chain bar earrings
tusk earring