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TGIF from me and a doe-eyed, doe-carrying Audrey Hepburn. This weekend will be the first one that I have truly, properly off in a few months. No deadlines. Nothing to do. Nowhere to be. I am SO EXCITED. I'm planning on yoga class, stretches on the rug and maybe a date night here with Isaac. I'm also stoked because next weekend I'll be in Woodstock, NY- yeah this famous one, staying in a dreamy house to celebrate my long-standing true blue wife for life Lulu (remember her?) on her birthday. I can't wait. Please do send any Woodstock recommendations our way! Sending you so much love this weekend.

Classic summer dress alert

With an umbrella like this, rainy days can only be good days

I loved this Vanity Fair interview with Jennifer Garner. "Celebrity" interviews these days usually make me mad- so boring and sanitized and reeking of zealous publicists. But I was so struck by how honest, genuine and smart JG is here.

Chihuahua or muffin?

Super cool rings

I'm curious about this wood diffuser

This made me feel better about turning 30 (gulp) this year

A fabulous home

My love for this rug knows no bounds

Beautiful salt and pepper shakers that wont break the bank

My favourite Craigslist ad ever? (alas the vacancy has been filled)

This heartbreaking essay put tears in my eyes