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the TSWIL year in review


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Alexandra King-Lyles

Sorry for the late posting one and all. I'm still drowsy after a  little bit of much needed time off. In the picture above I'm barreling back to Brooklyn in a cab in the early hours of New Years Day, and, after the year I've had, rest assured that in this shot I'm punch drunk, love drunk and real drunk. I also have no idea why there is a gold sticker on my face. Anyway, bloody hell does 2016 ever feel like a big beautiful exhale after a year of some wonders but also much tight chested-ness and angst. Let there be no doubt that 2015 was a weird one- not particularly sweet for me, all in all, with hurdles, stresses and ruts I have yet to become unstuck from. And didn't the news cycle just feel RELENTLESS in its horror? But I (and you) shall prevail, and as I told all and sundry during the month of December, I intend to slam the door on 2015 with the hearty gusto of a freshly liberated inmate, with all the associated defiance and will and excitement. Yes, into the verdant meadows of 2016 I shall go- a year in which I pledge to be more grounded, more compassionate, less dependent on dark chocolate in front of the telly and an earlier riser. These are my resolutions and I intend to honour them, one by one. More on that soon. Despite the tribulations though, there is one thing I did this year that was absolutely a good idea. On January 24th, 2015, I bought a domain name on a whim, figured out a bit of HTML and wrote my first TSWIL post, a round up of a cold January day. It ended, hopefully. with the words "We got this, okay?". And, yes, despite everything, I can honestly say I still got this. And that's because "this" has become The Street Where You Live, a passion project turned vocation that has led me to you, my amazing readers. Thank you for supporting me and my whims through this maiden year, the good, the bad, the ugly.

For this week I thought I'd put together a list of some of my favourite posts of 2015, a little year in review, if you like, before we get back to full programming next week (a new Street Where You Live and Thought Pharmacy among other things). Happy New Year, one and all. I'm grateful for what you bring to this little corner of the internet, and I celebrate you and all there is to come on these fresh new days. 2016, we're comin' for you xo

In the Thought Pharmacy, I administered to an overgrammer, a person who felt limited, a patient who hated her face, a drunk texter and a 20-something in need.

On The Street Where You Live we travelled to LA,  London (Kentish Town, BrockleyHackney and DalstonSomerset, Mexico City, Monterrey, Brooklyn, Vermont and Baltimore

In homes, I invited you in for a before and after tour of my apartment (and the story of our move there) discussed the joys of the cold shower, shared a recipe for the perfect hot toddy, a delicious cake and a perfect summer salad.

In relationships I shared photos from my wedding, some real deal science on how to stay in love, my real talk wedding planning advice (and that of The Street Where You Live cast)

In fashion and beauty I got way too emo about a jumper, introduced you to my hair-maestro sister-in-law, got psyched about Israeli fashion and shared my weird beauty secret (still swear by it, FYI).

In more personal posts, I talked about the 29 things I've learned in my 20s, why boiled eggs are meaningful to me, a love letter to Paris and the 10 articles I read again and again.

In careers, I talked about why we should all talk openly about our salaries, a Professor who I still miss, three game changer words at work and how to pimp your commute.