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TGIF! What are you up to this weekend? It's going to be cold and grey in New York, booo, but I'm looking forward to catching up with friends at a house party tomorrow night, skyping with friends and working on writing projects. As well as a date night with Isaac to see this movie (you can take the boy out of Texas...) Have a gorgeous one friends. Hope it's more Spring-like where you are.

A life in the wilderness (the beauty, the story, the photos, the simple slowness of this man's life. Extraordinary)

Obsessed with these cheeky bath mats

A sweet coffee store design

I am officially addicted to Boy Brow

I love everything about this discounted Sandro number

Also, I was lucky enough to interview an incredible woman the other day- she was wearing this amazing dress which I am now coveting hard.

What a darling hairpin

I consider Helen Macdonald one of the most ravishing writers of our generation. I cannot wait to settle into her new book this weekend,

I'm visiting my homeland of the UK in June, mainly cozying down in the countryside where my mother lives. I'm so looking forward to scenes like these.

I loved this guide to Nashville. I want to book a flight to Tennessee right now!

Amazing houses to stay at with friends


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Photo by  Gary Ashley . Dress by  Stone Fox Bride . Shoes by  Valentino

Photo by Gary Ashley. Dress by Stone Fox Bride. Shoes by Valentino

TGIF! Well, this weekend is our first wedding anniversary. How was this already a year ago? Though we had grand plans for a blow out party to celebrate, we've had a little too much going on (casually starting a business) in the last year to really get planning. 2016 though! For now, I think we'll be having a dinner somewhere cute (maybe here?) and reflecting on this crazy year, almost as crazy as my deep and abiding love for my one and only. Happy anniversary, my darling.

See below for my best of the net this week.

Earrings as cheap (And satisfying) as your daily cappuccino

I identify 

My back has been super sore recently. This, one of my favourite yoga stretches, really helps ease the ache

A sweet love letter from a father to his wife

The POWER SUIT. I loved this utterly refreshing fashion feature from Vice's new women's site

Hey, Townes Van Zandt. Forever and always.

There's also a T-shirt for that

Sunday dinner, sorted. Thanks Dolls!

Love this pretty scarf for tarting up a leather jacket this Fall (can't believe we're hurtling so fast through summer)

Speaking of leather jackets

The psychology of home