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TGIF-25/12/15 (And Merry Christmas, Baby)

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Photo via  Design Sponge  (this is the beautiful brownstone three doors up from us)

Photo via Design Sponge (this is the beautiful brownstone three doors up from us)

Merry Christmas one and all! I'm hoping your day has brought peace and happiness, and reunions with the ones that mean the most. We're spending the day in Brooklyn, cooking up a feast for my extended Texan family and taking long walks through the park with a thermos of hot chocolate and a flask of brandy. Rest on this day, my loves, and breathe good and slow through the more hectic parts. And, as old Charles Dickens said, clever bugger that he was, "honour Christmas in your heart and try to keep it all year." Now go swap out that party dress and cuddle up. I'll see you next week. xo

Such a sexy, beautiful piece. Imagine it worn back to front, too..

The making of mine and my little brother's fave Christmas movie. Some beautiful words of advice about storytelling here.

Dan Barber is a crazy visionary with food. His last meal, as told to The Guardian, beautifully exemplifies his magic approach.

I've seen so many cute Brooklynites walking round in these old school jeans.

I like my coffee shops cool and calm (the sickly scent of fake "gingerbread" lattes and those crappy Tony Bennett cover albums have me running for the door). This, though. OMG.

T-shirts for you and your ladies

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Love these hilarious Christmas game ideas

I cannot wait to see this movie

Loeffler Randall has me dreaming about next summer's shoes already

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I want one of these