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Heath ledger TSWIL

TGIF! Happy weekend one and all, and Happy Hannukah to all those lighting candles tonight. I'm lucky enough to be heading to my sweet friend Katie's house for latkes and brisket ce soir, and the rest of the weekend will be spent sprucing and organizing-I feel a Winter clean out coming along, as the city braces itself for the oncoming cold. Windows flung open, rugs beaten, kitchen cabinets dusted and old things bagged up and given to new homes. The last of my container garden flowers plonked in a glass or two, coffee on the stove and good friends on the line and in my living room. Hibernation prep 101. That's the plan anyway. What are yours? My weekly roundup below.

Ok so I can get down with the Tracy Anderson arm workout in my living room while watching weird shows about Alaska dwelling homesteaders on Discovery (my poison of choice). Fairly sure my neighbours must have assumed I'm possessed by now

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What an incredible photo series 

This denim jumpsuit from Zara is amazing. I can't and won't take it off

My Mama very generously gifted us this for Christmas. Guys. I. Am.Obsessed. I'm basically the Oprah of blender owners now. You get a smoothie! And you get a smoothie! And you get a smoothie! 

Every smart girl has a perfect one of these in her arsenal 

After a tough and stressful week I've found this background sound has helped me concentrate during all important tasks. So soothing. You can take the girl out of England...

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How to make a Courtesan au Chocolat, a la Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel

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