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TSWIL, Kate Moss

Bon Weekend one and all! What are your plans? TSWIL is a bullshit free zone, so let me tell you that I've had an absolutely crappy week- bad news galore, aches and pains and everything being broken or lost or both all at once. Yep, I'm happy to kiss this shiteous week goodbye, but I'm grateful, as ever, for the support of readers like you. A couple of unbelievably unexpected and very sweet emails this week have been sent at exactly the right time, and it's meant the world. Thank you. Now excuse me while I go stretch out all this bad juju and take a one-way cab to Shake Shack.

My best of the net below.

There are great bargains to be found in the ASOS shoe sale! 

Everyone needs one of these for their desk

Such an unfussy and beautifully lived in LA home 

Anyone in Medoc in August/September? Please go and eat here for me!

I also can't believe it took me so long to read this book. It's brilliant and I loved it

I've been on tenterhooks waiting for some big news this week. The agony made me remember this fabulous poem

Tutsi baskets, my new obsession

The cutest gift for little people

Such a sweet card, and this is me alright

A great mug for a transatlantic exile