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Clutter Bomb Joy Sparkers

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FYI I wrote the title of this post and immediately regretted that I wasn't the bassist in an all-girl punk band of the same name, but I digress.

 By now you've all heard about the million trillion zillion selling book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Japanese "Tidying Expert" Marie Kondo, a diminutive but powerful boss lady who coined the concept of "konmari". Konmari, as you bloody well know because we've all read the bloody book, centers on the essential premise that whatever one has in one's home, be it a pair of jeans, your mum's old china cups or a "portrait" of you painted by your friend's five year-old, it should "spark joy" or be discarded- consigned, perhaps, to a new life with an as of yet un-konmari'd friend or simply recycled again and again into the oblivion of perfect uncluttered air. 

It won't come as a surprise that I'm naturally pretty konmari at heart, a decade and a half of doing up cramped urban apartments having taught me a thing or five about the importance of editing and placement (the perfect synergy of which I believe strongly to have the equivalent effect upon one's head and heart). I get realllll bossy when I help my friends move house, my eagle eyes honing in on too-big coats with tags on and fuzzy still-sellotaped polaroids from long-ago student bedrooms (I'm actually expressly recruited as the decluttering bad cop by many of my darling girlfriends). I obsessively pin perfectly white empty rooms on Pinterest. That show Hoarders? I can't even, as the kids say. But here's the clincher-though I detest stuff I can't help but occasionally still like things. Even when they're silly or pointless or purely decorative. Not often, mind. Very selectively. But still, I do. Wonderful wonderful things. Cover your ears Kondo.

Anyway, below are five things I'm coveting. Each one utterly useless of course, but nonetheless sparking my joy like the 4th of July fireworks.

1) Palo Santo Hand Holder by Unearthed, $75

palo santo hand holder


2) Ceramic stoneware pod bowls, by Meuss, $88

pod bowls


3) What Good Shall I Do This Day? enamel sign by Best Made Co, $28

4) Aromatherapy Diffuser, $27.99,  Amazon


5) Carved Horizon Planters, $25, West Elm