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Happy Friday and hurrah for the weekend!  Firstly, I do realize that I failed spectacularly in showing you any of the promised photos from our Superbowl party last weekend, apologies one and all. I'm afraid I was simply having too much fun- on account of the fact that I make excellent Margaritas, a double-edged sword of a talent that is sadly my cross to bear (behold, my one piece of evidence, which involves me teaching my friend Ethan my signature dance move "the cucumber sandwich"). Anyway, the more Instagram evidence of the party, the crappier the party, right? This weekend is set to be FREEZING in NYC, so I'll be meeting up with friends in cozy places, and hugging my sister-in-law, who's in town for fashion week. As mentioned, the gallery also has an opening on Sunday night, so stop by if you're in downtown NYC! Until Monday, sweet friends. My usual round up below.

A super helpful guide from TSWIL fave, Artifact Uprising, on how to use your DSLR camera

I smelled this D.S. and Durga scent the other day and I can't stop thinking about it. I loved this one too.

What an incredible home

A simple, perfect top

My kind of Valentine's flowers

A new Breton shirt from Everlane

Sand, magnified

The essentials for giving birth around the world. Fascinating.

I heart Samantha Bee

This Madewell x Daryl K dress was made for summer casual Fridays (dreams of a warmer future)

All I want for Valentine's Day is this, please

A tour of Florence Welch's London townhouse (THAT GARDEN)

Wow. A trauma surgeon recounts what happened when ISIS broke into the emergency room

6 Great Summer Dresses

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Summer dresses! Why are they so hard? For most of my life, growing up in England, a summer dress was something that worked well with a cardigan, apart from a few blissful days a year when everyone would ransack their wardrobes for the slightly dodgy shorts and print dresses they'd worn in Menorca that one time. Anyway, now that I live in a place where summer is legit, I've had to learn what works on my body, keeps me cool and still feels like a natural graduation from my Winter style. The key for me is something loose, long (keeps sun off your legs, saves St Tropez bills if you're as pasty as I) and with a few dainty details (low backs, open shoulders). I've rounded up six of my favourites above. New Yorkers, annoyingly you're still gonna need your sweater today (June, what is happening here?).