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TGIF! What are you doing with your weekend? Tonight I'm the appointed Margarita maker at a dear friend's birthday party on the Upper West Side (a role I do not take lightly). Then I'm hoping for a weekend in which Iget some good writing done- the magic combination of good coffee, a cat on my lap and a bit of Chopin tends to do the trick (plus a pastry from here when the going gets tough). Have a beautiful one, my loves. My usual round up below.

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I'm such a sucker for vintage bar stuff. These Irish coffee mugs make my heart flutter

My sweet sister-in-law managed to snag me this cute top from Mara Hoffman. Longing to feel the sun on my shoulders again!

Speaking of awesome tops, here's another one from incredible Etsy shop, Lauren Winter

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Cool door mat

I'm back in my home country of the UK in June. And daydreaming about a stay in this hotel