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The Photo I Keep on My Desk

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Katie Walsh by Spencer Murphy

I've had a postcard of this photo taped above my desk at work for the last two years. It's of jockey Katie Walsh, taken by Spencer Murphy, and it won the 2013 Taylor Wessing photographic portrait prize. Isn't her expression incredible? Mud splattered, exhausted but totally defiant. Anyway, something about her face in this photo just moves me, and when I'm having a difficult day, I make a point of taking a look at Katie (who won third place in The Grand National, FYI, becoming the highest placed female jockey of all time). Her expression alone gives me adrenaline and reminds me to be bold and brave.

In case you're wondering, my other desk essentials- a pot plant (this guy is buff enough to alternately handle low light, office AC and bone dry heating air), these Muji notebooks (thin, minimal, narrow lined) and on the recommendation of my sister-in-law Anna, this botanical hand refresher which smells incredible and revives even the most tired-of-typing hands .

I'm curious, what do you keep on your desk? Any inspirational images I should know about?