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Christmas Gift Guide 2015: For Your High-Flying, Dapper, Gentle Giant of a Brother

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palo santo

Palo Santo, $10, to make his flat smell woodsy and Christmassy. 

eating with the chefs

Eating with the Chefs cookbook, $39.96, for beautiful photography and simple but foodie-minded recipes

antler bottle stopper

A Game of Thrones-esque real antler bottle stopper for left over Tequila bottles, $18

leather head handmade football

A leather head handmade football, $139, because, boys. And also beautiful enough to sit on a shelf. 

wood block print photo holder

A wood block print photo holder, $23.99, for his desk


The Gentleman's Basket, £65, from Fortnum & Mason, because at the end of the day, he's quite the British chap.

A good looking and practical key fob, $20, that's easy to spot at the bottom of his gym bag


A ukulele, $39.99 for late night sing-alongs with his mates  


Geo. F. Trumper Shaving set, £149,  for serious bathroom game

A classic tartan scarf, $85, because they never go out of style