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TGIF- 29/05/15

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Guys it's been way too long. WAY TOO LONG. But look, things have been hectic around here, mainly because of the kid you see above. Isaac's long held dream and destiny of opening his own gallery has finally come to fruition, and the space, Lyles & King (I'm the muse to his muscle) opens this Sunday on Forsyth Street in our beloved Chinatown (please come, one and all, especially if we've never met outside of this cyber space). Enjoy your last weekend of May my darlings- isn't Spring just the best? See you on the other side.

I'll be wearing this dress to the gallery opening this Sunday. Psssst I found it for 65 per cent off on The Outnet

I'm reading this book and I'm loving it.

British cheese for British people. Cracks me up everytime.

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An engaged couple, through the wonders of modern make up, see each other age. This has been doing the rounds on ye olde interweb, but it really is strangely moving.

The simplest and best salad on a hot day.

Have you guys seen the house rentals site One Fine Stay? It's pricey but dreamy. Also fun to cruise for interiors inspiration.

The small happy life. Inspiring.

Never a truer word said

F**k the pricey Clarisonic. This face brush from Muji is incredible! I'm obsessed.

What could be chicer than a Pendleton picnic blanket

Because it's a classic and you should be listening to it, outside, in the warm air, with a glass of wine. That's an order.