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Holy smokes it's a week until Christmas! Let the bells ring etc and so forth (and make sure to check out my gift guide for any last-minute present ideas). Isaac and I, like you I'm sure, are hitting up a whole bunch of holiday parties this weekend, so here's to getting down to this while drinking one of these. Also you guys, let's take it slow in the moments between the festivities. The holidays are, no doubt, such a beautiful time, but all that onus on family and togetherness can get a little hectic, not to mention a touch heartsore for those who might be missing someone this Christmas or who find themselves far from home (raises hand forlornly). For me, this shall be remedied by super long pre-going out bath tub sessions, walks around the park to catch the last of the leaves before they wave us off to deepest Winter and some good deep thinking about what I'd like 2016 to bring to me and me to it. More on that next week. My usual link roundup below.

Christmas in New York by Harper Lee

So chic. Pimp up your coffee game pronto!


There's a photo of me cuddling with my fave art dog, Pickle, here. Also a great interview with my mate, artist Ethan Greenbaum :)

I've been listening to this on audio book and it's predictably wonderful

Being a Girl

Music for your morning meditation/ stretches. Don't try and tell me you're not doing either. Do it, dude. It's good for you.

Divine objects

A foraged bouquet for your Christmas table

My favourite entrance to a chat show of all time

True-blue heart-swelling romance, right here

The Virgin Mary (wow wow wow)