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Two Ingredient Body Oil

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On honeymoon, in Tulum- I'm eating tacos, drinking a Jarrito, and am exceptionally well moisturized. As you can tell, I'm stoked.

On honeymoon, in Tulum- I'm eating tacos, drinking a Jarrito, and am exceptionally well moisturized. As you can tell, I'm stoked.

I find few things more beautiful than soft skinned arms. It doesn't matter if said limbs happen to be creased by wrinkles or powdered with age spots or jagged with battle scars, or if you prefer, thank you very much, that they stay hidden under long sleeves most of the time- no matter your age and stage, there's something so beautiful, so timeless about soft, sensual skin. And given that I'm naturally dry skinned by nature, not to mention brought up by a mother whose Clarins Eau Dynamiste  moisturizing game was no joke (they don't make it as a body oil anymore, which is very sad indeed) I have been experimenting with body oils for a few years, falling madly in love with this one (meant for babies, incredible for big girls) and most of all, drum roll, my absolute hands down favourite, Dr Haushka Moor Lavender. This, fellow oil nerds, is the holy grail of body oils, and I should know, because lord knows I've tried them all. The texture, on the thicker side, sinks in easily, moisturizes fast and soothes sensitive skin. The bottle? Absolutely attractive enough for an open shelf in a tiny apartment bathroom. And the smell? None of those fusty dried lavender sachet vibes, which have a palpable whiff of Grandma's bloomer drawer, but fresh, dewy- think a a deep inhale while standing knee deep in a Provence lavender field. I was hooked from the get go, as you can tell, but two months and two bottles down, a habit shift needed to take place, because, alas, I'm a journalist living in New York City, and dropping 30 bucks a month on body oil is unfortunately not financially viable. Duly reprimanded by the realization that I had spent my weekly lunch budget on Dr, the penny (literally) dropped. But then, wracked with sadness over the distinctly first world problem that was how to cope, Hauscka-less, I wondered if maybe I could create my beloved body oil at home. And would you ever know, I bloody well did. With two ingredients. Two. That's it. And it's absolutely gorgeous, Almost as lovely (perhaps just as lovely, actually) as the Dr H, and literally a quarter of the price. Anyway, see for yourselves via the comically simple "recipe" below. It's 100 per cent natural, organic and ready to compliantly sink, oh so sweetly, into the loveliness that is you.

TSWIL'S PERFECT TWO-INGREDIENT BODY OIL (makes the equivalent of six bottles of the Dr Hauschka!)

One 16 oz bottle of sweet almond oil (I use this one)

One 0.5 fluid ounce bottle of lavender essential oil (I use this one- it's high grade, which is a must)

Combine the oils. Shake well. Bottle. Spread softly over your beautiful limbs. Rub a few drops into the one you love's temples after a tough day. Decant into inexpensive bud vases, stick a wine cork in for a stopper and gift to your girlfriends. 

I'm curious, any body oil recipes that you love and that I should know about?