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TGIF! What are your plans this weekend? We're having a Superbowl party (green card in hand, I'm planning on singing along with the national anthem this year- sorry Queeny) and preparations are already well under way. Our friend Nat is smoking a giant cut of brisket, I have been instructed to make a "seven-layer dip" and Isaac is rustling up his famous nachos (a task he takes VERY seriously). There will also be plenty of chilled white wine along with the Budweiser and a stoop that's (hopefully) warm enough for any game-weary girls to chat upon- a vital component of any sports-related party, as far as I'm concerned.  And hey, thanks so much for all of your sweet and charming comments on A Cup of Jo. I read them all -they were so kind and touching, and I was tickled by the many hilarious reactions to our beloved naked surfer "Sandy" (FYI, he's the work of incredible LA based artist, Despina Stokou). Thank you for the love, you guys. And welcome new readers! I'm so happy you're here. My usual Friday link list below:

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Have you subscribed to The Dolly Mail yet? DO IT NOW, guys. Wednesdays will be so much lovelier (and more hilarious) going forward.

A sexy short story about (wait for it) Caravaggio

I'm loving the easy and minimal aesthetic of this dress

And I'm also coveting this darling piece from Reformation- so cute with tights and boots

A stunning, moving photo series

Love this chair from cool LA designer, Bend

Also in LA, thank god I don't live anywhere near this shop. I'd never have any money.

The best Valentines nails from NYC's coolest nail salon (we lived next door to them in Chinatown)

Jane and black cat equals everything

A Broadway actor who hasn't taken a sick day in 12 YEARS (!) shares his tips on how to avoid a Winter cold

Whoah, Ghanaian movie posters are INCREDIBLE!


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Charlotte Rampling TSWIL

Happy first weekend of 2016! What are you up to? One of my best friends is in town so we'll be hanging out at the gallery, tearing up the Lower East Side and catching up over very dirty Martinis at the Campbell Apartment. I'm also finally going to write down some resolutions. Let's compare notes on Monday. Have a beautiful one. My usual links below.

Oh the writing to be done here

A song for your Saturday morning

What an amazing workshop 

The perfect basket for clutterbug TV accoutrements

The incredible Elizabeth Suzann now does bridal, if you're a bride-to-be with a modern, minimal aesthetic.

The only B-girl in Alaska

Finally, an electric toothbrush that isn't hideous looking

This is what your emotions look like

Fantasy real estate watch! Oh, the things i could do to this place  

The best cinnamon rolls in the business. I made these for the family at Christmas. Super worth the limited effort and so yummy.

I love these boob wall hangings

16-year-old Angelica Huston #oldsoul

This makes me homesick

I swapped out our old chevron living room cushions for these little cuties this week.


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Alexandra King-Lyles, The Street Where I Live

TGIF! We'll be travelling to Vermont this weekend for a friend's wedding. We're excited to stay here, visit here and listen to this album on the long drive. Hey, thanks to you all for being so supportive of the launch of Thought Pharmacy. It's an idea I've had in the works for a long time, and it means the world to me that you like it. Have a beautiful weekend. See below for my best of the net this week.

A Japanese zoo builds a swimming tank for their elephants. Oh it's too much.

Incredible photos from the famous Rothschild surrealist ball

What an INCREDIBLE trip

A rad bag from Ulla Johnson

Everlane Culottes. Into it

This company is fab. A great deal if someone's birthday is in your future

Summer wedding outfit inspo 

How to grow an avocado tree from a pit (i've got two going on my windowsill as we speak)

The best of upstate New York according to incredible designer Ryan Roche

Though the clutter-phobe in me shrieks noooooo! This is such a sweet idea. Also a sweet home made postcard alternative? 

Google bombing ISIS


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countryside in a car TSWIL

TGIF and Happy Independence Day! Tomorrow is America's birthday (and mine) and I'll be celebrating/contemplating how frighteningly grownup 29 sounds on a beach in New Jersey, watching the fireworks, beer in hand. Doesn't get more Amurrica than that, now, does it? Of course, part of my heart and soul would rather be heading to the manor across wet green fields in a crappy convertible as in the pic above but this is the curse/conflict of the transatlantic babe. I'll bring a bottle of Pimms to the beach. Have the most beautiful long weekend everyone. See below for my best of the net this week.

8 things you should do before 8am

The Jennings hotel. What an incredible kickstarter campaign. I want to go!

Just in case you thought girls couldn't woo their men with words

Roman numeral rings. What a personal and beautiful way to commemorate a special day.

Beautifully minimal

A perfectly simple set from a brand I'm loving. (See this post for more of my lingerie picks)

Pretty, monogrammed travel cases, always a fail safe gift

Amazing business/career advice for entrepreneurs

Love this gorgeous two-piece for a summer wedding or fancy event

Super cute custom stamps for chic letter writing 

Obsessed with this incredible jumpsuit that can be worn in 8 different ways (worth clicking through the photos)

My besty bought me this for my birthday. Don't let the colour fool you, it transforms to the most flattering rosy pink. So fun.

A beautiful song for city dwellers

Vogue's 2015 best Glastonbury looks

TGIF- 05/06/15

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alexandra king-lyles TSWIL

Happy weekend one and all! I'm still coming down from the excitement after Isaac's amazing new art space, Lyles & King, opened last week. There's something so thrilling about the prospect of a family business, and the show looks incredible. I'm beyond proud of him and so grateful to the artists, friends and family (shout out especially to my amazing father-in-law, Dave) who helped us every step of the way. Just 4 weeks ago, this beautiful gallery was a Mexican restaurant! The space is at 106 Forsyth Street at Broome Street in Chinatown, so make sure to stop by and say hi. He's the hunk behind the desk. I've been feeling a little fragile this week (so many big changes afoot!) so I'm going to take this weekend slowly and mindfully. Lots of water, podcasts, books and (hopefully) phone chats with my nearest and dearest across the water. Have a beautiful one, friends. See below for my best of the net this week.

Extreme fudgelling. Not what it sounds like.

Excited to hang out poolside here this summer. Day passes cost $45...that's about the same as a car pool to the Rockaways.

My hair gets so flat during the warmer months. I've heard great things about this hair powder

What poverty does to a young brain

A beautiful blog about renovating an Airstream

Amy Schumer, being amazing at the Glamour Magazine Awards

This moved me to tears

Can't wait to read this book


50 years of Cannes red carpets

A spinning house!

He's my man


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Happy weekend one and all. Hey, I promise to get back to full time posting next week, but in the meantime here's your usual TGIF round up. Spring has seriously sprung here in NYC. It's going to be full sun and 25 degrees (thats 77 to you my fahrenheit friends, and no, I will never learn it) tomorrow! You'll find me here, listening to the cute banjo player next door rehearse in his garden and trying to get some sun onto my milk bottle legs in anticipation of our trip to LA for our dear friends wedding next week. Have a gorgeous time, my weekend warriors. See you on the other side.

Shoes that grow! So much love for the founder of this idea. What a man.

Speaking of great men, this CEO just cut his salary by 90 per cent so that all his workers can earn a minimum of $70,000.

Totally making this for dinner tonight.

This book is a MUST READ. I feel like it's saved my life this week.

Hillary's sexist bingo. Get ready (deep sigh).

D'Angelo never fails

Photographer Johan Bavman photographed 45 Swedish fathers on paternity leave (REQUIRED by law in Sweden!!!!). The results are charming

Though I'm not sure it passes my normally stringent all-natural skincare policy, this stuff smells so unbelievably good (like freshly cut grass) and I'm obsessed.

I'm banning screens (and therefore iphone alarms) from our bedroom and will be waking up with this guy going forward.

Whoah, NYC stalwart Oak has some wicked cute dresses in the sale. I love this and this and this


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I AM A MAN.jpg

What are you up to this weekend? i'm working tomorrow (sobs) but will arrive home in good time to attempt to bake Isaac a birthday cake (I forgot the sugar last year so things can only get better). He turns 33 next Tuesday and we're having a little BBQ on Sunday to celebrate.  So much has been happening in our lives in recent weeks, it feels like a blur. I can't wait to share news soon but in the meantime I'm looking forward to kicking back on our block, grillling for our friends, and celebrating this hotty. Have the best weekend ever, friends. xo

Whoa, Diane Keaton is kind of amazing at Pinterest!

My 8 year-old self just had an aneurism

Aspirin (!!!) clinically proven to help cure a broken heart

Deep sea diving women in Korea

Lean the dance to Sia's Chandelier- amazing. 

I feel like I make this crowd pleasing pasta dish at least once a month. It's being rustled up for an old friend coming for dinner this evening.

Everlane just restocked my fave shirts, the Ryan Muscle Tank. One of these and some black jeans? Aint nothin sexier people.

I loved this interview with Adam Driver on NPR's Fresh Air Podcast. My crush on him officially grown by 10,000000 per cent.

In honor of Shakespeare's birthday this month, I wrote a literary lover's guide to NYC for British Airways's Magazine, The Club

A poem begins...

Welcome Hillary!! #Brooklynisbest