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Polly Crossman

The Truth About Bikini Shopping

Fashion & BeautyAlexandra king1 Comment
Illustration by brilliant  Polly Crossman

Illustration by brilliant Polly Crossman

Somewhere under my regular body must be my bikini body, whisper the lesser angels of even the most normally body confident of women. We simply need to remove a cumbersome set outer casings, Russian doll style, until we find it.

TSWIL in other places alert! On the off chance that you're not subscribed to The Dolly Mail yet (YOU must!) head OVER THERE THIS MINUTE to read a piece from me about the horrors of bikini shopping. If only to hear me compare myself to a sausage (yep). 

And please oh please share any of your bikini woes in the comments section below? (as well as any hot tips on where to buy good ones).