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Nigella Lawson


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TGIF! What are your plans this weekend? NYC is being hit by a huge storm, along with the rain spattering dregs of Hurricane Joaquin, so it's the kind of weather that begs for some good and nutritive days in- long phone calls to beloved friends, podcasts, newspapers, an over-worked coffee maker, ya feel me. Have a beautiful one, wherever you are, darling readers. My best of the net this week below.

This cozy weather takes me back to a couple of the first posts I ever wrote on the blog, during super storm Juno last year.

I just got an Icelandic sheepskin rug for an amazing price from here. It's beautiful, though I fear the kitties will never want to snuggle with me ever again.

Bow down. I could read Nigella Lawson's writing all day.

Yes yes yes

This is the ultimate lasagna recipe. I'm planning on a Saturday of stirring pots and good smells

Cute idea

15 years on from the movie, Erin Brokovich still makes my hairs stand on end when she talks

Cabin dreams

Last week's Blood Moon reminded me of this incredible poem

Inspiringly independent Japanese children

Cannot WAIT for Patti Smith's book. And loving this interview.

A perfect backpack