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TGIF 29/10/15

TGIF! Any fun plans for the weekend? Mine involve sleeping, mainly, and generally breathing what was frankly a pretty shitty week out of my system. Though we are travelling to the wedding of a dear friend on Saturday, so I'm sure that will cheer me up no end. Send me some good vibes, anyway, darling readers, and have a lovely weekend. My usual Friday round-up below.

Cute yoga socks for chilly studios

Anyone planning a City Hall wedding? Here's your outfit. You're welcome.

A beautiful blog post about the magic of strangers

Majorly coveting

A pretty dish for ear rings

Pricey (but aluminium free and an old-school scent I've always loved)  deodorant

A beautiful dinner party/house warming gift

Yum this sounds delicious

I love coloured nails on other people but not on me. I've heard amazing things about this natural nail polish 

Just bought one of these shampoo bars for Isaac

Love this "Friday I'm in Love" playlist series.

Old school Jill Scott for your weekend