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A Poem for a Thursday

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Black Iris III by Georgie O'Keeffe

Black Iris III by Georgie O'Keeffe

Li-Young Lee

In the night, in the wind, at the edge of rain,
I find five irises, and call them lovely.
As if a woman, once, lay by them awhile,
then woke, rose, went, the memory of hair
lingers on their sweet tongues.

I’d like to tear these petals with my teeth.
I’d like to investigate these hairy selves,
their beauty and indifference. They hold
their breath all their lives
and open, open.

We are not lovers, not brother and sister,
though we drift hand in hand through a hall
thrilling and burning as thought and desire
expire, and, over this dream of life,
this life of sleep, we waken dying—
violet becoming blue, growing
black, black—all that
an iris ever prays,
when it prays,
to be.


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TGIF! What will you be doing this weekend? We're heading to dinner with dear friends to this place that we've heard so many good things about (Korean wings and truffle fries? You had me at hello). Have a gorgeous one, darling readers. See below for my best of the net this week.

Elizabeth Warren killing it as always. Let's all stand with Planned Parenthood

What if your hometown was hit with a Hiroshima-level atomic bomb? 

Do you read Susan Miller? (I'm obsessed) Anyway, skeptic or not, she says August 26th is going to be the luckiest day of the year. Ready your lottery numbers, chicas.

I'm reading this book right now. It's horrifying but gripping.

And this book of short stories is still blowing my mind. Haven't been this excited about a new writer in a long time.

Love these chic photo frames

Arghhhh, quelle horreur! 

How to write a condolence note

I've heard rave reviews about this all natural deodorant

Last weekend I spent a little too much time by the pool at our friend's lovely house in Orient, NY and emerged a little pink. Two days of rubbing in this stuff and I was back to normal again. It's a miracle worker.

Also while in Orient, we got to visit the second location of the Four and Twenty Blackbirds pie shop. Holy god this is the best pie in the world. I picked up their book to try and recreate it at home. 

After a long and fruitless search I finally found my perfect denim shorts. The perfect amount of high rise (eating lunch in your bikini no problem here) amazing length, not too tight, super flattering. I'm a convert. And they're now on sale!