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Happy first weekend of 2016! What are you up to? One of my best friends is in town so we'll be hanging out at the gallery, tearing up the Lower East Side and catching up over very dirty Martinis at the Campbell Apartment. I'm also finally going to write down some resolutions. Let's compare notes on Monday. Have a beautiful one. My usual links below.

Oh the writing to be done here

A song for your Saturday morning

What an amazing workshop 

The perfect basket for clutterbug TV accoutrements

The incredible Elizabeth Suzann now does bridal, if you're a bride-to-be with a modern, minimal aesthetic.

The only B-girl in Alaska

Finally, an electric toothbrush that isn't hideous looking

This is what your emotions look like

Fantasy real estate watch! Oh, the things i could do to this place  

The best cinnamon rolls in the business. I made these for the family at Christmas. Super worth the limited effort and so yummy.

I love these boob wall hangings

16-year-old Angelica Huston #oldsoul

This makes me homesick

I swapped out our old chevron living room cushions for these little cuties this week.