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A Natural Deodorant That Actually Works

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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. After several years of thankless search and deep skepticism (I have taken too many bikram yoga classes with too many Tom's of Maine users,) I have finally discovered a completely natural, aluminum-free deodorant that actually works! Let the choir sing! Let your armpits breathe a sigh of sweet-secented relief! Let the under arms of your pricey cotton white shirts stay white as freshly-fallen snow!

So, it's by a brand called Bali Secrets. The "original" version, which is the scent I use, rolls on smooth, isn't sticky and is currently available on for a fairly reasonable 14 dollars. It's  a big bottle, and smells kinda herbal, a tangible whiff of joss stick about it, I suppose, but not in an overpowering way (though I nurture hippy sensibilities generally, in this regard, so you may feel differently). There are also rose, aloe, sandalwood and unscented versions to try.

After reading some pretty scary stuff about the nasties found in regular anti-perspirants, not to mention getting super frustrated with my beloved white t shirts yellowing under the armpits, I have been trying to find a good natural deodorant for years, experimenting with, among others, the aforementioned Toms (I swear this actually made me sweat) this Soapwalla cream (works, but messy) and Dr Haushcka (ok, but needed a couple of applications a day to feel fresh, and super pricey). So, needless to say, I was only cautiously optimistic when my first bottle of Bali Secrets arrived in the mail. That day, I put it to the test via a full day of work followed by an hour of barre class. To my great surprise, 10 hours and an hour of intense exercise later, I still smelled fresh as a daisy. I couldn't believe it, and am so excited by my discovery that I have been furtively pulling it out of my bag at parties to extol its wonders and virtues (obviously a completely NORMAL thing to do). Oh also, I found about it from my friend Ethan, an artist who carts around giant paintings and sculptures on a daily basis, so this is 100 per cent as suitable for sweaty dudes as it is for the gals. Isaac has also been trying it out and loves it.

So there you have it, darling readers. May you all run off into the horizon with a bottle of Bali Secrets in your bag and your priciest while silk shirt upon your person. 

The Truth About Bikini Shopping

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Illustration by brilliant  Polly Crossman

Illustration by brilliant Polly Crossman

Somewhere under my regular body must be my bikini body, whisper the lesser angels of even the most normally body confident of women. We simply need to remove a cumbersome set outer casings, Russian doll style, until we find it.

TSWIL in other places alert! On the off chance that you're not subscribed to The Dolly Mail yet (YOU must!) head OVER THERE THIS MINUTE to read a piece from me about the horrors of bikini shopping. If only to hear me compare myself to a sausage (yep). 

And please oh please share any of your bikini woes in the comments section below? (as well as any hot tips on where to buy good ones). 







Five Off The Rack (And Off The Chain) Wedding Dresses

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alexandra king-lyles

Today I remembered, courtesy of a flip through my phone, that it was about this time, two years (!) ago that I bought my wedding dress. Though I did end up buying mine, to my surprise, from a bridal shop (this awesome one) I remember being totally convinced at the beginning of my search that I would probably just buy a white, not necessarily "bridal" dress. There are so many beautiful options out there, and, best of all, they all come without the insane wedding mark up- for happy wallets as well as happy hearts. Two years on I still feel a flutter when I spot a perfect white dress. So here are five beautiful, alternative, straight off the rack wedding-worthy get ups that I've spied recently and which require no trips to weird pink stores filled with tulle and smelling of vanilla candles.

1) Ulla Johnson Clara Dress, $690

ulla johnson Clara dress
Elizabeth Suzann
no 6 wallace jumpsuit

Spring Dreaming

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Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 12.27.45 PM.png

1) Ulla Johnson Odessa Dress, because it's my fave from her collection this year, and, though pricey, is some made-to-last, future-heirloom, pass-down-to-your-future-daughter level shit 2) Mac Lipstick in 'A Sprinkle Of Magic' which makes your lips look like you just finished up a serious make out session 3) Marc Chagall's Lovers Under The Lilacs, cos, as mentioned, Spring is for lovers 4) Earth Tu Face Skin Stick because Spring beauty= a little moisture and the sun on your face 5) D.S. & Durga Poppy Rouge fragrance, because it is the sexiest, freshest most incredible smell 6) Elie slipper flats because they're part harem chic, part downtown minimal 7) A Room With A View by E.M Forster, because it's romantic, hilarious and has a great scene involving an epic kiss in a poppy field 8)  French Market Basket for carrying your book, wallet, water, a forgotten KIND bar, half a dozen dog-eared business cards of people you must call and that half smoked pack of cigs from karaoke the other night (these are just theoretical examples) 9) Gold Hoop Earrings, cos they're a classic, for a classic girl.

Two Ingredient Body Oil

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On honeymoon, in Tulum- I'm eating tacos, drinking a Jarrito, and am exceptionally well moisturized. As you can tell, I'm stoked.

On honeymoon, in Tulum- I'm eating tacos, drinking a Jarrito, and am exceptionally well moisturized. As you can tell, I'm stoked.

I find few things more beautiful than soft skinned arms. It doesn't matter if said limbs happen to be creased by wrinkles or powdered with age spots or jagged with battle scars, or if you prefer, thank you very much, that they stay hidden under long sleeves most of the time- no matter your age and stage, there's something so beautiful, so timeless about soft, sensual skin. And given that I'm naturally dry skinned by nature, not to mention brought up by a mother whose Clarins Eau Dynamiste  moisturizing game was no joke (they don't make it as a body oil anymore, which is very sad indeed) I have been experimenting with body oils for a few years, falling madly in love with this one (meant for babies, incredible for big girls) and most of all, drum roll, my absolute hands down favourite, Dr Haushka Moor Lavender. This, fellow oil nerds, is the holy grail of body oils, and I should know, because lord knows I've tried them all. The texture, on the thicker side, sinks in easily, moisturizes fast and soothes sensitive skin. The bottle? Absolutely attractive enough for an open shelf in a tiny apartment bathroom. And the smell? None of those fusty dried lavender sachet vibes, which have a palpable whiff of Grandma's bloomer drawer, but fresh, dewy- think a a deep inhale while standing knee deep in a Provence lavender field. I was hooked from the get go, as you can tell, but two months and two bottles down, a habit shift needed to take place, because, alas, I'm a journalist living in New York City, and dropping 30 bucks a month on body oil is unfortunately not financially viable. Duly reprimanded by the realization that I had spent my weekly lunch budget on Dr, the penny (literally) dropped. But then, wracked with sadness over the distinctly first world problem that was how to cope, Hauscka-less, I wondered if maybe I could create my beloved body oil at home. And would you ever know, I bloody well did. With two ingredients. Two. That's it. And it's absolutely gorgeous, Almost as lovely (perhaps just as lovely, actually) as the Dr H, and literally a quarter of the price. Anyway, see for yourselves via the comically simple "recipe" below. It's 100 per cent natural, organic and ready to compliantly sink, oh so sweetly, into the loveliness that is you.

TSWIL'S PERFECT TWO-INGREDIENT BODY OIL (makes the equivalent of six bottles of the Dr Hauschka!)

One 16 oz bottle of sweet almond oil (I use this one)

One 0.5 fluid ounce bottle of lavender essential oil (I use this one- it's high grade, which is a must)

Combine the oils. Shake well. Bottle. Spread softly over your beautiful limbs. Rub a few drops into the one you love's temples after a tough day. Decant into inexpensive bud vases, stick a wine cork in for a stopper and gift to your girlfriends. 

I'm curious, any body oil recipes that you love and that I should know about?

Sneak Peek: Tactile

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Dress  by  Naftul , shoes by Zara (now sold out- similar  here )

Dress by Naftul, shoes by Zara (now sold out- similar here)

Super awk giggle attacks, model's own

Super awk giggle attacks, model's own

A sneak peek that I'll be on rad new website Tactile, soon, talking blogging, journalism and generally being unapologetically sweary about the things that annoy me (the media industry's gender problem, the non-word "content" and how it seems impossible for some to understand that girls can be simultaneously knowledgable about Beyonce and Benghazi). Also upcoming on Tactile, an interview with the amazing artist Elana Noy, whose ceramics line, Malka Dina, is truly swoon worthy (I stalk her Instagram on the daily-behold, the sexiest incense holder of all time). I'm so excited to be part of this project, which aims to foster an inclusive space for female thinkers, creators and doers.

Can't wait to share the interview in full soon! And in the meantime, you can follow Tactile on Instagram here.

5 Perfect Pairs Of Everyday Earrings

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Rocking my favourite minimal hoops at my friend's beautiful wedding last summer (the daisies were a last minute addition, gratefully plucked from Vermont flower fields)

Rocking my favourite minimal hoops at my friend's beautiful wedding last summer (the daisies were a last minute addition, gratefully plucked from Vermont flower fields)

Isn't Etsy the best? A plethora of small labels and designers, unique products and cut out the middle man prices, and oh so dangerously fun to browse absentmindedly in front of Real Housewives (I know I know. I plead the fifith. And this Onion article). Anyway, I've found a bunch of amazing makers over the years, but for some reason I've had particularly good luck with shopping for earrings on Etsy, where there's such a wealth of choice and some seriously rad shops, all catering to the delicate and minimal vibe I gravitate towards (FYI I live in these guys, which I'm wearing in the photo above). I've always been pretty pared-down when it comes to jewelry (I didn't wear a single piece of jewelry when I got married, for instance). I'm also a weirdo who has a thing about necklaces where I feel like they're choking me, so I very rarely wear one. It's not for lack of trying- I love jewelry on other people, but every time I try and channel some Iris Apfel and accessorize a bit more, because I really want to, I do, I just feel too done somehow, and end up taking everything off before I leave the house. I guess I just straight up find bare skin to be prettier than even the most precious of metals. Having said that, simple, beautiful and wearable earrings, I can get behind. Totally habit forming. Below, just for you, five beautiful sets of earrings that even this jewelry-phobe is crushing on, and that go with absolutely everything.

1) Samurai Ear Climber, $72

ear climber samurai
wire line earrings
chain bar earrings
tusk earring