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Another TGIS! I remain a whole lot less mobile courtesy of a bandaged foot, but,nonetheless have hopped around like a mad thing this week, juggling work, art fairs, a nasty cold and cursing at the miserable grey, rainy weather front that has blighted New York over the last two weeks. As you can tell, I'm feeling a little sorry for myself (fidgets don't make good patients-oh no no no). Send me healing vibes, you guys. My best of the net this week below.

A necklace for every outfit you own

And I adore this dress for a chic wedding get-up

In my head I'm here

I have no room for these incredible mid century brass wall planters but I'm hoping you do

The Compliment Diet

All working girls need one perfect coffee mug for their desk, say I.

An airport I wouldn't mind a layover in

How to take off a sari

Gigi Hadid by Camilla Akrans

Obsessed with these beautiful handmade clogs

Madame Tussaud and the weird world of wax women

"Ooooh clover honey. More honey. Look! Mushrooms!"