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TGIF! Actually it's Sunday now, so TGIS? Apologies for the delay, I wound up getting surgery on my foot on Friday, and ever since have been hopping around on a deeply unattractive orthopedic flipflop and feeling very sorry for myself INDEED. I send you these links from my perch on the sofa. Hope it's been a beautiful one, my loves.

I'm not usually a huge necklace fan- but this? This I want

Oh Helen Mirren my heart beats for you

YES best casting ever?

How the other fifth lives

Whoah Dyson made a hairdryer

Oh Amy how do I love thee let me count the ways.

35 beautiful flower arrangement ideas

Photographer Dave Benett's photos from the 90's

Two Queen beds and a bathtub in the room? This might be the most perfect girls weekend destination ever

Mariel and Margaux

A song for a rainy Sunday