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TGIF- 18/04/16 (and see you on Monday!)

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Hello darlings, behold the latest TGIF of all time. Forgive my tardiness, I just had to take a wee break from all that glitters upon a laptop/phone screen for a while. The long and short of it is, it's been an entire year since I took any semblance of a vacation, and I am well and truly burned out. So I've taken the week off, and I've spent the last few days celebrating my darling friend Lucy's birthday in Brooklyn and Woodstock respectively, at the dreamy house above (see some more shots on my Instagram here). Now that I'm back in Brooklyn,  I'm planning on spending the next few days taking leisurely yoga classes, thinking about what to plant in my container garden this year and binge watching House of Cards. And, natch, policing the pesky reflex that is reaching for my phone. Anyway, I'll be back on Monday with a bunch of fun new posts, including a very special Street Where You Live. See you then. 

I'm about to settle down and watch this, the new documentary about one of my idols, Nora Ephron. My tissues are at the ready.

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There was a time when no one could see the colour blue! Fascinating.

My darling friend Lu introduced me to this incredible oil on our upstate trip. It's technically a bath oil, but she recommends rubbing it into your temples at bedtime. Alas it is a serious splurge, though I just found it at a discount on good old Amazon.

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