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Spring Dreaming

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1) Ulla Johnson Odessa Dress, because it's my fave from her collection this year, and, though pricey, is some made-to-last, future-heirloom, pass-down-to-your-future-daughter level shit 2) Mac Lipstick in 'A Sprinkle Of Magic' which makes your lips look like you just finished up a serious make out session 3) Marc Chagall's Lovers Under The Lilacs, cos, as mentioned, Spring is for lovers 4) Earth Tu Face Skin Stick because Spring beauty= a little moisture and the sun on your face 5) D.S. & Durga Poppy Rouge fragrance, because it is the sexiest, freshest most incredible smell 6) Elie slipper flats because they're part harem chic, part downtown minimal 7) A Room With A View by E.M Forster, because it's romantic, hilarious and has a great scene involving an epic kiss in a poppy field 8)  French Market Basket for carrying your book, wallet, water, a forgotten KIND bar, half a dozen dog-eared business cards of people you must call and that half smoked pack of cigs from karaoke the other night (these are just theoretical examples) 9) Gold Hoop Earrings, cos they're a classic, for a classic girl.