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TGIF- 04/11/16

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TGIF! A slightly late TGIF (election season means very little sleep for me) falling on November 5th, otherwise unofficially known as my most homesick day of the year. Why? Bonfire Night of course, my fave UK tradition, a bizarre pagan relic of a celebration in which we symbolically burn an effigy of a 17th century terrorist, eat sausages, get sleepily trollied on mulled wine and attempt not to amputate our own fingers in the process of letting off the rockets. Fingerless gloves, sparklers to spell your name with, chill damp air that smells of mulch and the golden glow of firelight. Does it get more hygge than that? Still, transatlantic longing aside, I note the complimentary and very 21st century political drama this weekend in my adopted country, and await the fireworks. This week's best of the net below.

I bought these as a silly little present to myself a while ago. I can't stop wearing them (so cute and unexpected with a simple black dress) 

I woke up last weekend homesick for London and thinking about this painting, my fave at Tate Britain. 

I'm still spotting raw hem jeans everywhere. Into it. 

I've long-nurtured a huge insta-crush on LA photographer Jesse Chamberlain. The incredible Gucci dress she wore to her wedding has not helped alleviate my fan-girling.

I adore Lucy Michel's beautiful ceramics

My bestie came to New York and wrote about it for the Sunday Times. Check it out because she's brilliant but also for my withering response  to the party buffet.  

Darling address stamps for top stationary game (also, how cute is this egg box stamp, for any countryside dwellers/urban chicken enthusiasts) 

Whoah, these Danish recipes sound delicious

What a man.  A must-listen for divine music and the story of the incredible Billy Strayhorn

Ina and Jeffrey equal goals   

New favourite band alert

Coveting these perfect ankle boots