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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving! I'll be working tomorrow as the parade rumbles past (no rest for the journalistic wicked) but will be heading out by 5 to eat a giant dinner with my usual ragtag crew of Brits abroad and other waifs and strays. Though of course TG isn't a holiday I grew up with, I nonetheless embrace it's central pillars of food, friends and overall hygge-ness, and lord knows we all need a daily dose of gratitude. Also Isaac has been tasked with the turkey, so pray for us, bbs. I'm wishing you all a beautiful day. My weekly round up below.

Norwegian sex education is pretty amazing. Also, needless to say, this link is NOT work safe.


Woman live tweets the worst date ever

Doen does it again

It's cold season, dudes. This works.

A classic, on repeat (brought back into my life by this amazing movie

What a pretty shade of pink

Isaac and I gifted ourselves a few days in New Orleans over Christmas. We'll be staying at this newly-revamped classic (the dining room, you guys!) and cannot wait!

A sweet lioness speaks for us all in recent weeks

Beautiful cushions (strictly to gaze at or to save for a very good payday) 

A stunning home

Oh HI perfect Shearling jacket

Koons in Paris