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Here's to a restorative weekend, friends. It's been a brutal election season, and a long week. In a nod to those who are feeling the blues, and let me tell you that New York City, in the past few days, has felt positively funereal, this week's TGIF is dedicated to the fine art of self-care. 

"Endless love. See you down the road." From Leonard, to Marianne. 

A song from Father John Misty (on repeat in these parts)  

Stars, Birds, Babes, Sages

Long baths with this eternal favourite

The Thing Is, by Ellen Bas

The softest (and strangely rather chic, I'm obsessed) joggers 

Michael Stipe on Here's The Thing (I just loved what he says here about loathing sentimentality, while being incredibly sentimental himself. I feel the struggle)

Cocktails=advisable. And this retro classic is totally acceptable as the cold nights draw in.


Because not all of us can have a fireplace but this still feels rather lovely, even on a TV