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TGIF! I'm back, and so sorry for my absence, darling readers. In the last three months I turned 30, started a new job, worked hard behind the scenes for this art gallery of ours (we got our first New Yorker review last week!) and neglected this space in the process. When I say neglected, I mean more that I needed to let the blog sit fallow for a little while, as I came to terms with a brand new set of daily minutiae. But now I'm back, and hopefully my brief hiatus has made this space a little more fertile as a result, ready for some Fall-flowering bulbs of thoughts to raise their heavy heads in this oh-so-October sunlight. I've missed you. My best of the net this week below. 

P.S. #yaskween

I cannot wait to read this book.

Dream (though oh-so-spendy) PJs

2 sisters, 1 murder, 500 songs

Mum jeans I can get down with

These fabulous boys

And you can get your own version of their shirt here 

This isn't a new piece, but I think it's so good I'm putting it here again. How to talk yourself down from a Self Esteem Spiral

Music and magic (I used to take this train every day) 

Behold, the perfect jumper 

 67 curses of the open plan office (number 2 made me laugh out loud)

Dreamy earrings from a designer I adore

A classic treat to make for dessert on cold nights