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TGIF! What are your plans for the weekend? Isaac flew to LA early this morning for an art fair so I've got the apartment to myself (I'm psyched about this, but also soooo jealous, I just want to be sipping watermelon juice and vodka with him here). The struggle is real. Anyway, so far my plans include a cocktail here, binge watching some exceptionally bad television and forcing myself out for a jog through the slush. Have a beautiful one, friends. See my weekly round up below.

Let's talk about mental health

There's only one rule, says KV

This Jennie Kwon ring stack makes me swoon

Why Missy Elliot's feminist legacy is criminally underrated

30 years on, what a thing to have happened. What a story.


I've lived and loved in my old black Dr Marten's for years, but I feel a hankering for a classic oxblood pair

I loved the Margiela show's Bowie inspired look, and Pat Mcgrath's (bow down) incredible art

Once the weather turns warmer, I'm seeking out one of these mesmerizing medinilla plants

I am so into this band

And I've been listening to this song  all week. I'm not sure why. It somehow worked with the solitude of snow.

Whenever I feel blocked (most days/everyday) I read Gershwin lyrics (I mean) ROMANCE, people. It's good.


See you Monday xo