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Snow Day

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mid-storm, Jonas

Well, despite my cynicism, Jonas turned out to be a whole lot more than the little storm in a teacup I had witheringly predicted. Saturday was a record breaker- the second highest snowfall in New York City history; and as Brooklynites slept soundly in their beds on Friday night, naughty Jonas whipped himself into a rage. Two and a half feet of snow was dumped onto the streets of Brooklyn, flung onto windows, slopped onto stoops. The city issued emergency measures- banning cars, shutting down transport and urging people not to go outside. We dutifully obeyed, but by 4pm, cabin fever had set in, and, with literally every jumper I own on my body, I persuaded Isaac to take a walk outside with me.

Isaac Jonas
two snow bunnies
Brooklyn Jonas

It truly felt other-worldly. Frightening. Lovely. Visibility at times was only about ten feet or so, busy intersections were totally empty and the only traffic in sight were other stir crazy (emphasis on crazy) civilians, wrapped in every layer they own, desperate for fresh air, and curious about such a new white world.

Alexandra kIng-Lyles TSWIL
jonas, brooklyn apre ski

Despite the wind and snow, we ventured a very long ten blocks to one of our standard haunts, The Double Windsor, which (god love you Double Windsor) was one of the few places open. Inside, it was pumping, with skis and sledges propped against the walls.  Apres-ski in Brooklyn! We dutifully drank hot toddies and ate too many french fries. Then began the truly punishing walk home (into rather than away from the blizzard). The snow smacked us hard on our cheeks and filled our eyes with water. Cue multiple groans of "who's idea was this?" (mine) and epic falls over walls of ice. A couple of times we stopped into the few open places on 7th Avenue for warmth. It took us about an hour to walk ten blocks.

kitty girls

FYI,  these girls know how to deal with a blizzard (cuddle, chill, stay the hell inside). I swear they are giving serious side-eye in this photo.

tswil chateau king lyles

Once home, we thawed out (courtesy of our battered old bathtub) made spaghetti and binge watched the new Netflix Chelsea Handler show (hilair and well done. Highly recommend). I had learned I have bad survival skills. But all was well.

Brooklyn in Jonas
isaac shovelling snow

The next day, after what had truly seemed like an interminable 24 hours (this girl is truly not made for staying inside- there's only so much hand stand practice I can do on the rug before the neighbors protest) the blizzard was over. Isaac cleared the steps and had a great time bonding with all our friends on our block, digging out cars and clearing the pavements.

brownstone under snow
street light and ice, TSWIL
thawing out Brooklyn

And now, on Monday, business as usual. The thaw begins. Oh Jonas, you were naughty as hell, but so pretty.