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An Amazing Tattoo

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tyler cook tattoo


My friend Tyler has the most amazing tattoo. On his forearm is a beautiful inking of a perfectly smooth and crater-dappled moon. Underneath? The evocative haiku by Mizuta Masahide, a 17th century Japanese poet and samurai, who, after a fire struck his farm, wrote the following:

Barn's burnt down --


I can see the moon

In our daily lives, filled with all those pesky metaphorical barn burnings, it's a beautiful little thing to read, isn't it? Irreverent, straight forward, stead fast, a hint of cynical humour, an absolute commitment to wonder. Words that Tyler inked so beautifully onto his lovely arm, but which I also implore you to sew hard into your heart. 

Do you have a tattoo I should see? A haiku I need to commit to memory? I want to hear all about it.