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Career Girl Inspo: NY Mag's "Beginnings" Series

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helen mirren

In need of some inspiration this Monday? (raises both hands). Take a look at New York Magazine's Beginnings series, which features the stories of how a bunch of famous, smart people got their start in their respective industries. I discovered it over the weekend and found myself poring over the site for a happy few hours. The testimonies are so insightful, honest and refreshing. I loved Jerry Seinfeld's assertion that handing in the red apron he wore in his job at a fast food restaurant was the greatest moment of his life, Ta Nehisi Coates's description of meeting New York Times legend David Carr, and Yo Yo Ma's admission that his parents "didn't think he was talented" and so simply "left him alone". Also, how it took Helen Mirren seven years  (!) to get to grips with Shakespeare.

So many lessons and laughs in these stories. Binge read them all, or maybe ration them out, one per Monday, over the next few months, as the mornings grow colder. A welcome reminder that each of our paths wind a different way, and that the smartest thing we can do is to keep going.