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bowie and iman TSWIL

TGIF! What are you up to this weekend? Tonight I'm taking my darling friend Rose, who's visiting from the UK, to a basketball game down the street from our home at Barclays Centre. I intend to introduce her to giant hot dogs, Coors Light and how to jump most effectively to catch the T-shirts they shoot out with a giant cannon ball. Oh America, you nutcase, I lurve you. The rest of the weekend is filled with gatherings at friends houses and (hopefully) strong arming my hard working husband into watching a Making a Murderer marathon with me (we still have five episodes to go. I am obsessed). Have a beautiful one, you loves. See ya on Monday.

What a pretty stamp

Movie quotes that also kill it as wedding toasts (I loved the Bill and Ted one)

 I've been on a John Ashbery kick. Forgot how much I love this.

An African watering hole. 26 hours. One photo. 

A song for your Saturday morning stretches

This is to be used sparingly (it's a little pricey) but I'm OBSESSED. Total at home spa experience.

A Belgian Air B n B to die for

Sienna circa 2005 equals eternal hair texture goals

I can't stop thinking about this beautiful painting at The Barnes Foundation

Cutest bikinis ever

Dream dress

This moved me to tears

Beautiful Bowie (lyrics here)

And his Proust questionairre (Question: What is the quality you most admire in a woman?  Answer: "The ability to burp on command")