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Another day-late TGIF! Hey, it's still Friday somewhere. Leaves are falling in Brooklyn, there's the scent of wood burning on the breeze, and hats and scarves are being located at the backs of wardrobes and eyed warily. A few of my terrace flowers are still hanging on, petals clenched like fists against the chill, but there's no doubt that the season has turned, and with it, Brooklyn denizens venture out for brisk walks to bagels and their first hot coffee in months. What are you up to this weekend? Wherever you are, let's raise our collective glasses to the season of mist and mellow fruitfulness. Here's to you.

A tote bag that resonates. Ya hear me, Brooklyn?

This photo makes me miss Summer already

Consider yourself made this weekend (thanks to the ever dependable smitten kitchen)

If like me, you love simultaneously stuffing a lemon up a chickens butt and listening to mad sounding but brilliant experts talking about everything from Zen buddhism to Jane Eyre to Alexander The Great, This is my favourite podcast to listen to while cooking.

I'm on the hunt for the perfect beanie. One that sits cutely in the middle of a venn diagram between egg-cosy and teenage grunge fanatic. Is this the one?

Oak NYC does the best comfy and chic and simple and sexy evening dresses in the world. Exhibit A here

One of my fave NYC comedians, Joanna Bradley, being hilair

Also, behold (I'm certainly limited to solely beholding by my budget)  the perfect chelsea boot

Also this is the perfect fall jacket. And warm enough to withstand winter too. And in the sale. I mean, cmon.

My dad, who instilled in me a lifelong love of architecture and design, is taking me here in two weeks. I cannot WAIT.

Obsessed with Weleda, and, now that the dry air is coming in, this incredible weather protection moisturizer, supposedly for babies but also good for big girls

How to do a ballet bun