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Image vie  Design Sponge

Image vie Design Sponge

TGIF! What are your plans this weekend? Tomorrow is the opening of a new show at Lyles & King, so I'll be helping Isaac to get things spick and span. And hey, if you're in the Lower East Side tomorrow night, come! 6-9pm! This has been the kind of week that's had me searching for signs and scanning my tea leaves. A few major changes are a-foot, I feel certain of it, I just can't figure out/reveal what they are yet. Soon! And hey, I promise I'll be back to the max next week, with a new Thought Pharmacy and a Street Where You Live from Mexico City! Breathe in bucketfuls of that autumn air this weekend, dearest readers. I'll see you on the other side. My weekly round up below.

I'm finally getting around to making long-overdue wedding albums for our families. After several months of sleuthing, this company is my favourite.

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Totally making this for Sunday lunch

Reviewers RAVE about this charcoal sponge! Tempted to try!

15 things to ask in a job interview

Baskets/works of art

The cutest bag for ballet class (yes this big girl still goes. I fall over. A lot) 

I hear voices in my head, but I'm fine

This made me laugh out loud (also I identify) 

Oh hell yes indie classics from 2005

This house (just snapped up by Norah Jones) No words!! 

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