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TGIF and Happy Independence Day! Tomorrow is America's birthday (and mine) and I'll be celebrating/contemplating how frighteningly grownup 29 sounds on a beach in New Jersey, watching the fireworks, beer in hand. Doesn't get more Amurrica than that, now, does it? Of course, part of my heart and soul would rather be heading to the manor across wet green fields in a crappy convertible as in the pic above but this is the curse/conflict of the transatlantic babe. I'll bring a bottle of Pimms to the beach. Have the most beautiful long weekend everyone. See below for my best of the net this week.

8 things you should do before 8am

The Jennings hotel. What an incredible kickstarter campaign. I want to go!

Just in case you thought girls couldn't woo their men with words

Roman numeral rings. What a personal and beautiful way to commemorate a special day.

Beautifully minimal

A perfectly simple set from a brand I'm loving. (See this post for more of my lingerie picks)

Pretty, monogrammed travel cases, always a fail safe gift

Amazing business/career advice for entrepreneurs

Love this gorgeous two-piece for a summer wedding or fancy event

Super cute custom stamps for chic letter writing 

Obsessed with this incredible jumpsuit that can be worn in 8 different ways (worth clicking through the photos)

My besty bought me this for my birthday. Don't let the colour fool you, it transforms to the most flattering rosy pink. So fun.

A beautiful song for city dwellers

Vogue's 2015 best Glastonbury looks