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TGIF dear readers! What are your plans for the weekend? Sorry for the lack of posting this week, such a busy time over here, though lots planned for the future, including a new Street Where You Live cast, and a fresh and shiny series, Thought Pharmacy, which will debut next Thursday. Have no fear though, there has been enough time snatched here and there this week to gather the customary weekly best of the net round up! Stretch, breathe, laugh-have a fantastic weekend.

Simply perfect earrings

White linen plus summer equals winning 

Wicked cute baskets for crucial clutter

And the most amazing blankets 

I love Ilana Kohn. This has been on my wishlist for a long time, and she's just done a (cheaper) collaboration with Urban Outfitters including a couple of her signature jumpsuits. This one's my favourite

Flower arranging 101 with one of my fave NYC florists

What an incredible New Orleans house!  

Bucky loves Selma

Though you will never EVER see a diet/weight loss post on TSWIL, I can get down with Pop Sugar's 30 day squat challenge. My friend Liesl says it works! Twerk it girl! 

This photo made me crave a long overdue return visit to San Francisco. Those steep slopes and pastel colored houses are magic.

Our friends are getting married in Vermont next week. We're excited to be road trippin' the 6 hour drive and staying in this magical place (there's a freshwater lake on site for swimming!)

I baked these this week after craving something sweet. They were delicious. And easy peasy. Highly recommend!