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TGIF! That one came around fast. What are you up to this weekend? I'll be basking in the golden light you see above, stretching on the rug and lunching with good friends.  And waving my pride flag of course. It's so beautiful living through  a new season in the neighborhood, watching my concrete garden (more on that in a post next week) grow and people watching from the stoop. Having said that, pray for me, because yesterday a mosquito flying down that beautiful block you see above bit me.  On the FACE. Next to my eye. Which is now hugely swollen and enflamed, leaving me looking like a forlorn recipient of a budget face transplant. As I write this, frozen peas are clasped to my cheek. Truly, I've never been sexier. Anyway. Cheers to a beautiful pride-ful weekend. Hope it's all the good things.

Cool monogrammed notecards for those all-important thank you notes 

Love these patchy and shaggy sheepskins for throwing over scuffed chairs and knees

I want this watch for my birthday (in my dreams)

Also I genuinely want a ham from here. Yes, for my birthday I want a watch and a ham. Bite me.

This looks like a beautiful place to chill

Last week me and my Dad got our auras read here. It was surprisngly accurate (mine was "intense and tired". Sadly true. 

Is this the world's best and most essential jumpsuit? Why yes, yes it is. 

The Running of the Interns. Yep, I remember that feeling.

A beautifully told love story 

Hold the pancakes. This is my breakfast of choice

A song I've always loved. Reimagined. So well.

Rad honeycomb ear rings. Buzzzz

In my head I'm always wearing this