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TGIF darlings! What are you up to this summer weekend? It was with acute shock that I realised I'll be turning 29 two weeks tomorrow. July 4th, the same birthday as America. It's as if it was meant to be. 29... Though I wish I could tell you I'm fine with this, I'M NOT. I'M REALLY NOT. It's with acute embarrassment that I am having to come to terms with fact that I am sbsolutely the Peter Pan type which is ironic since a) my best friends frequently refer to the fact that i was basically born 40 (true) and b) I feel better and more beautiful and more myself every year (you could not PAY me to be 17 again). But I see those forehead lines coming guys, I see them. I see my friends gearing up for babies and buying houses. I'm not ready! I'm not ready!!!! Anyway, while I have my existential crisis, please check out my weekly round up. I hope you approach these steamy days as Mila did for Bruce Weber (above). Kiss kiss. See you on the other side.

These early photographs are so so beautiful

What a pretty initial necklace. I'm a weirdo that can't wear necklaces (I feel like they're choking me) but such a sweet gift

I smelled this in a store in Brooklyn this week. Alas I'm not able to justify a 20 dollar shower gel right now, but good lord is it ever good 

I love cruising Joshua Tree Air b n bs and daydreaming. One of the most magical places I've ever visited. 

Seriously coveting one of these incredible plants for my apt jungle

In love with this cute green bikini

Gorgeous everything at ace online store The Citizenry. I love it all, but especially this and this-  and this

So many people have recommended this game to me that I think I'm going to have to get it. Have you played? Apparently it's hilarious! 

The World's best Cake. Apparently. Only one way to find out, friends


Vanity Projects is the coolest nail salon in NYC. Their Instagram feed is a must-follow.

"I've accidentally booked a honeymoon with my three year-old daughter". I just love Sophie Heawood