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The Perfect Summer Shoes

Alexandra kingComment

Come one, come all, I have found your perfect warm weather shoes. They are not flip flops (farewell detritus of NYC streets smearing black germy god-knows-what stains across your worn out feet). They are not heeled (at ease, ham strings and back off greedy cobblers). They are not Birkenstocks (not ok, ever, sorry. As with all sartorial choices, if in doubt ask yourself these two handy questions- "would Jackie O wear these?" and "would I like to be kissed, ever?").

Et Voila, the humble espadrille. The perfect summer shoe. Found en masse in those deep wire bins at French supermarkets for 5 euros a piece, but also with cute tie backs and leather uppers for 65 dollars at cool online store Soludos . Yes yes I know I'm a mug but so are you. And neither of us lives in France.

P.S Also endorsed by grande belle of the universe French Vogue editor Emanuelle Alt. Hers are probably Chanel but whatever.