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TGIF- 08/05/15

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alexandra king

TGIF dudes. What's on your schedule this weekend? I'll be supporting Isaac as he continues to jackhammer tiles off concrete in the dusty Chinatown basement that will soon house his very own art gallery. It's an intense but pretty special time, and I've been using all the  epsom salt baths and bourbon in my arsenal to help ease the pain! It also feels so good to have a base once again in our beloved old neighborhood. Honking Grandma's, lackadaisical trash collections and dubious odours aside, it will always feel like home and I hadn't realised how much I had missed it. Have the best weekend ever, friends. See below for my best of the net this week.

A pretty French blog, Good for French practice or just for the photos

Is it weird that when I saw this Rachel Comey dress, I thought, I want to wear that to my own funeral. Yeah, that's super weird. 

Also, if I was doing it again, maybe I'd just get married in this

Love this piece from LA jewelery designer Jennie Kwon

A good good word, and guilty as charged

It's margarita season guys! 

Joan Didion's famous packing list. So on point. 

Also, inspired by Joan's white nightgown recommendation, I'm thinking about one of my own.

Pretty body brushes for your shower

I'm obsessed with this super inexpensive 100 per cent organic face oil from beloved British brand Boots (based in my hometown-both of my parents worked for them). Now available in Duane Reade, New Yorkers. .

I'm in the market for a new key ring and think I may go for one of these chic leather ones.

Ever a sucker for the beautiful and eccentric, my Mitford sister obsession is strong. Excited to finally read this classic memoir.

Heel tappin' and home sickness inducing

And an album for the weekend. Best accessorised with a cadillac and California (if you can)

What a man.