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TGIF- 3/04/15

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Welcome to the tardiest TGIF ever, posted on Easter Sunday with work a mere whisper away. Forgive me, dear readers, I managed to get pretty sick at the end of last week, and had to recover slowly this weekend, luckily something that was made easy by the company of good friends and sweet husbands, and the fact that the weather has at last turned here in NYC. Yesterday (Saturday) Isaac cranked up our teeny new grill, I tucked lavender gently into soft soil, and our little terrace suddenly felt like a new room. Though I didn't feel up to going out, we also had the best evening ever at our friends on the Upper West Side, which may or may not have involved Isaac teaching everyone to line dance (you can take the boy out of Texas). This weekend has been a good one. I'm thankful. Also, can we talk about this photo of Paul Newman? My number one crush of all time. There has never been a more beautiful man.

See my best of the net this week below.

Amy. Deep sigh.

Speaking of AW, has a better break up song ever been written? My answer is no. It gets me everytime.

Isaac is reading my favourite book of all time. I'm loving hearing his thoughts on it.

And I am loving this total page turner. Hooked.

Wicket cute Bolga baskets on Amazon. Perfect for magazines or picnic trips.

I joined Instacart this weekend and fear I may already be obsessed.

A deadly and delicious cocktail

Consider yourself purchased, insanely cute swimsuit. P.S I love Samantha Pleet forever and always.

In anticipation of said swimsuit, a great workout for arms and abs that's easy to do on the rug.

16 impressive Ikea furniture hacks.

Someone put a tonne of Who Do You Think You Are shows on YouTube. I love them so much and have been binge watching them...

Speaking of TV, this critically acclaimed British show comes to the USA on Sunday. Can't wait.