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Happy weekend one and all. Hey, I promise to get back to full time posting next week, but in the meantime here's your usual TGIF round up. Spring has seriously sprung here in NYC. It's going to be full sun and 25 degrees (thats 77 to you my fahrenheit friends, and no, I will never learn it) tomorrow! You'll find me here, listening to the cute banjo player next door rehearse in his garden and trying to get some sun onto my milk bottle legs in anticipation of our trip to LA for our dear friends wedding next week. Have a gorgeous time, my weekend warriors. See you on the other side.

Shoes that grow! So much love for the founder of this idea. What a man.

Speaking of great men, this CEO just cut his salary by 90 per cent so that all his workers can earn a minimum of $70,000.

Totally making this for dinner tonight.

This book is a MUST READ. I feel like it's saved my life this week.

Hillary's sexist bingo. Get ready (deep sigh).

D'Angelo never fails

Photographer Johan Bavman photographed 45 Swedish fathers on paternity leave (REQUIRED by law in Sweden!!!!). The results are charming

Though I'm not sure it passes my normally stringent all-natural skincare policy, this stuff smells so unbelievably good (like freshly cut grass) and I'm obsessed.

I'm banning screens (and therefore iphone alarms) from our bedroom and will be waking up with this guy going forward.

Whoah, NYC stalwart Oak has some wicked cute dresses in the sale. I love this and this and this