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TGIF- 06/03/15

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dumbo brooklyn snow

Happy Friday darlings! What are your plans this weekend? In New York the snow still sits heavy on the ground, but certainly less heavy on my heart now that a two day rest is in sight. This weekend I'm taking it slow. Brunch at Sassy's house, art admiring and wine drinking with Isaac. Maybe a snowman will finally be made, or maybe i'll just lie flat on the rug, watch the snowflakes melting from the trees and listen to this album in one delicious gulp.

Here's my best of the web this week...

An amazing Tumblr that highlights the similarities between pre 16th century art and hip hop images.

Guys reading each others' text messages to their girlfriends. Hilarious and cute.

20 dollar, 20 minute meals

I'm weirdly obsessed with these brass pineapple lamps

I had a tough week, which meant I listened to this, with it's simple message of simply staying afloat, rather a lot.

A dreamy and romantic garden shed in London

Rad fire pits, for that fantasy outdoor space

Oooh la la, I have such a girl crush on Clemence

Medicating Women's Feelings. Made me think.

Gorge market bags for all those leafy greens you need to be eating to get your immune system through the back end of Winter.

Eco Highlighters, for underlining favourite passages and other crucial things.

Behind the Scenes with the Snow Leopards of Central Park Zoo (full disclosure: I made this)

I just bought one of these. Here's to no more pesky battery melt downs

Whoah, cute jumpsuit alert

Live like a mighty river