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TGIF- 19/03/15

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Spice Girls TSWIL

Happy Friday one and all. It's a special day over in the King-Lyles household, as today, March 20th, marks three years since Isaac and I went on our first date! We went to weird underground sexy Japanese-y Cafe Decibel (his choice-strong work, hubs, strong work) in the East Village, had a nightcap at awesomely weird Polish Dive Bar The Sly Fox, caught a cab back to my apartment on the Upper West Side, and have been together ever since. Alas I'll be working all night (I'm actually totes cheating on Isaac and interviewing this guy) but we're planning a long and languid celebratory brunch for tomorrow. What are you doing this weekend? Whatever it is, have a stupidly lovely time, friends.

See below for my best of the net this week.

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