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TGIF- 12/02/15

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Photo boothin' with my Valentine

Photo boothin' with my Valentine

What are you doing this weekend? It's Valentine's Day tomorrow, and I'll be smooching two people (naughty). My darling Sassy in the daytime (girlfriends should be celebrated on V-day too) and then Isaac in the evening. We're having a special dinner at home that I've been scheming about for a long time (more in a post next week). As for Sunday, the weather forecast is bottom-bitingly cold, so my plans involve nothing but staying cosy indoors; wine opened at the first whisper of darkness, spaghetti on the stove, this album, bliss. I also really want to check out this new series on HBO, which a couple of my film-maker friends have raved about.

 Hey, on a slushy side note, thanks for all of your support and love for the blog this week. Every comment, tag, like and mention means the world to me. You guys warm my cold English heart and make all of my days. 

See below for my best of the net this week.

This incredible interview (and the photos of her twirling round in floaty Lanvin- I die) with Joni Mitchell, giving precisely zero shits. So refreshing to read a publicist-free, raw piece of real-talk with a famous person.

Bodega bouquets

 this bag...the perfect size and great for day to night.

I also love these shoes. Such all-stars. Tres chic, and a heel that's not too hazardous to dance in. 

I love Juniper Ridge scents (and their entire business ethos) so much and love the idea of rubbing these solid perfumes on warm wrists.

At last, the perfect coral

Reversing FGM. Warning: Graphic. But Important

F*** the trashy Grammys. It was all about those BAFTA dresses. Julianne Moore for the win.

Speaking of frocks, I bought this all star dress last year and it's on sale right now! It's soft and comfy and perfect for a  dinner date with tights, as well as with flats and bare legs in Spring. The designer, Natalie, is Israeli, and all the cool chicks in Tel Aviv wear her clothes. They are so pretty and minimal at the same time. Perfection.

My favorite scene in one of my favorite (and most romantic) films of all time

New stripy shirts from my beloved Everlane.

Make your own fur throw. Genius. An instant apartment pick-me-up

This is just to say 

Finally, a beautiful must watchThe Love Competition. 

Carpe diem the crap outta your weekend darlings! See you Monday xo

Isaac and Alexandra King-Lyles